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”Montagi PROBG” Ltd.has listed in the register of ”State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance” of the companies carrying out activities: maintenance, repair and reconstruction of the HRE /High – Risk Equipment/:

  1. Steam and hot water boilers.
  2. Vessels operating under pressure.
  3. Pipelines for steam or hot water.
  4. Steel carrying gas pipelines, gas regulating stations and gas distribution stations, gas distribution pipelines and gas regulating posts and panels, industrial and building gas installations and burners systems for natural gas.
  5. Steel gas mains gas appliances and installations, fuel systems for liquefied hydrocarbon gases.
  6. Hoisting cranes
  7. Hoisting electric cars moving on over ground railways which are not mounted on cranes.
  8. Electric telphers that are not mounted on cranes.
  9. Excavators designated for work with a hook, grapple or electromagnet.
  10. Load lifting accessories.
  11. Hanging baskets for lifting people.
  12. Movable working platforms.

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd. is registered in the Central Register of Professional Constructors to the Chamber of Constructors in Bulgaria and is certified with the scope of execution of construction, as follows:


I FIRST GROUP: construction projects of high construction its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communicative networks and equipments, according to art.5, §1, p.1 of the RPRGCRPC:

1.3 construction projects from First to Fifth categories, according to art.5, §4 of the RPRGCRPC

II THIRD GROUP: construction projects of energy infrastructure:

3.3 construction projects of Third category to art.5, §4 of the RPRGCRPC.

III FIGHT GROUP: individual types of construction and erection works, according Item ”Construction” of Classification of Economic Activities – 2008:

41.20 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.
42.12 Construction of underground and over ground rail ways.
42.99 Construction of other equipment, non classified elsewhere.
42.21 Construction of carrying and distributive pipelines.
43.99 Other specialized construction activities, non classified elsewhere.
43.21 Construction of electrical installations.
43.22 Construction of water supply, sewage, heating and air conditioning installations.
43.29 Other installations construction.

”Oiltanking Bulgaria” Co, Town of Devnya, Bulgaria for executed construction and erection works on the territory of ”The terminal for sulfuric acid”– Port of Varna-West, Industrial Area, Town of Devnya, Bulgaria

”Petroceltic” Ltd., Town of Varna, Bulgaria for executed construction and erection works, steel structures and equipments for compressor stations, gas storage and marine platform for natural gas.

” Petrokeltic ” Ltd., Varna, completed construction and installation activities, steel structures and equipment for compressor stations, gas storage and offshore natural gas platform.