”Montagi PROBG” Ltd. is a limited liability company, which was founded in early 2014 in town of Varna, Republic of Bulgaria by two partners with rich experience in the sphere of industrial construction and assembly activities.

The company is a representative of new generation Bulgarian companies in the construction sector and industry, which even in the conditions of economic crisis have set high goals, and they achieve them observing the principles of professionalism, responsibility, good business partnership and last but not least – good construction practice without compromising in the Quality.


  1. Industrial and civil construction – steel structures for buildings and facilities.
  2. Manufacturing and erection of steel and stainless pipelines, tanks, vessels and equipment.
  3. Assembly of machinery and equipment.
  4. Assembly of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  5. Repair of machinery, equipment and installations.
  6. Reconstruction, repair, assembly and maintenance of Equipment and Facilities With Heightened Danger /boilers and pressure vessels, pipelines for steam and hot water, gas mains and gas equipment, lifting equipment, cranes, electric hoists, etc./.
  7. Installation of Electrical and Automation Systems, equipment’s and facilities.
  8. Plants and equipment for the food industry.

The leadership, employees and workers in ”Montagi PROBG” Ltd are specialists with proven and long-standing experience in upbulding of construction and industrial projects They are well known not only at regional but also of republican level in the chemical, energy, cement and gas industry in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Through the years of their professional developments they also participated in the construction of numerous national and international projects. Construction of industrial pipelines, and gas mains, assembly of equipment for gas processing for Bulgarian and international projects numerous projects in the chemical, cement and energy industry, projects in the food industry Manufacturing and erection of construction and industrial steel structures, vessels and tanks for chemicals products, pumping stations, assembly and repair of equipment with heightened danger, high pressure, boilers technological columns, instruments, equipment and installations in the chemical industry working with ammonia, sulfuric and phosphoric acid, carrying and distributive gas mains, gas distributive and gas compressor stations, etc…

The company successfully fulfills, with the required quality and within the contracted terms, all assigned to it projects and tasks.

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd. ’s Business Ethics:

  • Professionalism
  • Professionalism
  • Correctness

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd, Town of Varna, Bulgaria maintains constant team of executive personnel to provide the manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Engineering and management personnel;
  • Qualified welders – arc welders and argon welders;
  • Qualified workers for manufacturing and assembly,
    /mechanics, mechanical erectors, pipe fitters and el.fitters/;
  • Drivers and support personnel

The Executive personnel is expanding with qualified personnel depending on production necessities.

The company has available the necessary technical equipment to execute the subject of its activity: welding equipment, toolkits, and cutting and metal–processing machines, etc..

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd, Town of Varna, Bulgaria works with regular partners providing heavy construction and assembly techniques (auto cranes) when necessary.

The company possesses Certificate №.B224/02.07.2014 for entry in the register of “The State Agency for Metrological and Technical Supervision” of companies performing the activities: reconstruction, repair and maintenance of equipments with heightened danger.

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd. was listed in the Central Professional Register of Constructors of the Bulgarian Chamber of Constructors, and possesses Certificates with scope for execution of construction projects from the 1st group of constructions (civil and industrial construction), the 3rd group of constructions (energy industry ) and the 5th group (individual types of construction and erection works).

”Montagi PROBG” Ltd. has adopted Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001:2015, with certification body RINA Services SPA /RINA Bulgaria/. The certification audit was carried out successfully, at the end of April 2017. The certification audit was conducted successfully at the end of April 2017.

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