A new generation company

“Montagi PROBG” Ltd. is a representative of the new generation of companies in the construction industry and industry.

We have been with you since 2014.

“Montagi PROBG” Ltd. is a limited liability company established in early 2014 in Varna, Bulgaria.

We implement projects together!

“Montagi PROBG” Ltd. is a reliable partner in the implementation of your investment projects, reconstructions, reconstructions, modernizations and repairs.

“Montagi PROBG” Ltd.

Our company is a contractor of installation and repair activities: steel structures, pipelines and gas pipelines, industrial installations. installation of machines. equipment and facilities.

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Why choosing us?

“Montagi PROBG Ltd”

We, „Montagi PROBG“ OOD, as a representative of the new generation Bulgarian companies in the construction sector and industry, even in the situation of an economic crisis, lay down high requirements in our business and achieve them following the principles of professionalism, responsibility the good business partnership and last, but not least – the good construction practice, with no compromises in terms of quality.

Our main business activities are: Design, manufacture and assembly of steel structures, thanks and vessels. Blanks and assembly of conduits and pipe systems. Assembly and installation of industrial equipment, machines and facilities. Construction of industrial sites and installations. Repair, reconstruction and assembly of high risk facilities, gas conduits and gas installations and facilities, steam and water-heating boilers, pressurized facilities and pipe system and lifting equipment. Electrical assembly works. Repair works


Industrial and civil construction – steel structures for buildings and facilities

Production and installation of steel and stainless steel pipelines, tanks, vessels and equipment

Repair, reconstruction and assembly of high risk facilities

Installation of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Installation of machines and equipment

Repair of machinery, equipment and installations

Installation of electrical and instrumentation installations, equipment and facilities

Installations and equipment in the food industry


9160, Devnya,

Industrial zone – South

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