Reconstruction of water working cycle (WWC) 3 at the production worksite of ”Agroplychim” AD.

Implementation period:
March - December 2015
Employer /Client/:
''Agropolychim'' AD., Devnya, Bulgaria
Scope of the activities:
Dismantling of old pumping aggregates. Erection of new FLOWSERVE pumping aggregates: - 3 units(132kW), for hot water; - 3 units(400kW), for cold water. Erection of stop valves and butterfly valves DN400, DN500, DN600, DN800. Erection of a new hot water pipeline DN600 - 80 m. Replacement pipelines DN400 to cooling towers - 30m. Erection of a new cold water pipeline DN700 - 60m. New steel covers and handrails for hot and cold water pools.